Bezvadu mikrofona sistēma

Bezvadu mikrofona sistēma UHF-201

115.00 €
Bezvadu mikrofona sistēma UHF-201
Bezvadu mikrofona sistēma UHF-201Bezvadu mikrofona sistēma UHF-201Bezvadu mikrofona sistēma UHF-201
115.00 €

Receiver unit and hand-held microphone with UHF PLL technology
Operation in the low-interference UHF band
Parallel operation of up to 4 sets is possible without any interference
Volume control
XLR and 6.3 mm output
Jack cable included
LEDs for power, carrier and audio signal
Microphone with mute switch and color indication
Matching pocket transmitter can be ordered separately
License-free and approved in the EU
UHF-201 864.30 MHz

Koplektā bāze un 1x mikrofons
Skaļuma kontrole
XLR un 6.3 mm output
Jack kabelis komplektā
LEDs priekš jaudas, carrier and audio signal
Mirkrafonam on/off ar krāsu indekātoriem

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