Digitālās ērģeles

Digitālās klavieres Orla CDP 101

599.00 €
Digitālās klavieres Orla CDP 101
599.00 €
Keyboard 88 Graded Hammer Action Keys
Polyphony 64 Notes Max
Sounds 16 Sounds with Single/Split/Layer mode
Display Back Lit display
Controls Master Volume, Brilliance 8 levels: -4 / +4, Up/Down Buttons
Effects Reverb: Room, Hall, Theatre - Chorus
Sequencer 2 Tracks Sequencer, Play
Demo 20 Demo Songs
Tuning Transpose/Pitch
Metronome Click, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/8
Pedals Sustain/Soft/Sostenuto (Sustain Pedal Included)
Dynamic 4 types : Hard/Normal/Light – No Dynamic
Bluetooth Bluetooth ready
Headphone 2 Headphone sockets
Midi Midi On/Off
Connections Bluetooth connector, L/R Outputs, L/R Inputs, USB to Host,
  Midi In/Out/Thru, Pedal 1 & 2 connectors, DC12V Power
Amplification 2 x 12 W
Weight Kg.67
Size 136 x 44 x 86 cm
Finish Rosewood, Black, White
Optional Accessories Bench, Bluetooth Receiver, Volume Pedal, Headphone
  All specifications and apparence are subject to chnge without notice

Digitālās ērģeles Orla RS600 H EU

3140.00 €
Digitālās ērģeles Orla RS600 H EU
Digitālās ērģeles Orla RS600 H EUDigitālās ērģeles Orla RS600 H EU
3140.00 €
KEYBOARD Upper keyboard 49 note with touch response
  Lower keyboard 61 note with touch response
PEDALBOARD 20 note with touch response
DISPLAY Multi function blue backlit LCD
SOUND SECTIONS upper voice 1&2, lead voice, lower voice 1&2
  pedal voice 1&2 - 300 sounds per section
DRUM KITS 14 x drum kits, lower keyboard percussion
  Pedalboard percussion
SOUND CONTOLS volume, pan, tune, transpose, octave,
  vibrato (rate, depth & delay), filter, DSP
  sustain & pitch bend
EFFECTS Reverb & delay - adjustable parameters
STYLES 200 accompanimentstyles (incl. 150 ORLA super styles)
STYLE CONTROL Start, synchro, intro/ending, main A, main B
  fill IN 1&2, tempo
KEYBOARD CONTROL Fingered, single fingered and custom chord
  modes, upper or lower split keyboard (uses the lead voice)
  lead to lower, bass to lower, harmony, touch response (5 curves)
REGISTRATION MEMORIES 16 x registration memory buttons with "D"
  button for rhythm and left hand lock
PRESET REGISTRATION 80 factory presets preloaded, organ, combo
  orchestra, band
STORAGE USB drive for storage of registration & song data
SONG RECORDER SMF multi track recorder & player
OTHERS pitch bend, footswitch, regshift, mic volume
SOCKETS headphones, line out L&R,mic IN, MIDI IN & OUT
AMPLIFICATION 2x10 watt high power eco amp
CABINET high gloss black wooden cabinet with rear courtesy panel
  full width and full height music stand/key cover cabinet splits
  for ease of trasport
DIMENSION 113cm x 46 cm x 94 cm (con leggio aperto 119 cm)

Le specifiche e la cosmetica possono essere cambiate senza preavviso


300 Sampled Sound - 200 Rhythm Styles
Ultra Compact Size - Stunning Black Gloss Cabinet
80 Factory registrations with split lower voicing
New ultra efficent eco amp system - Full height full width music stand/cover
Ideal for both keyboard & organ players - Split cabinet for ease of transport

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