Payment options

Welcome to our online shop

In our shop it is possible to make payments through bank transfer, or in cash if you visit our retail stores.
In the near future we will implement credit card payment option.
As for now, the procedure for purchases is as following:

1. Choose the item(s) you wish
2. Put it in your basket
3. Proceed to checkout
4. Fill out the necessary fields to complete the order
5. Once completed, you will receive an e-mail with the invoice and our banking info
6. Pay the invoice through your online bank (It is suggested to wait for us to contact you on the details of the order (how soon can we deliver the item))
7. Wait for the item to arrive, or pick it up at one of our stores listed here

Things to remember: You have the right to return any of the items purchased on-line during 15 days. You must remember not to damage the package and all the materials that the item was packed in. This is part of the product/item. If they are damaged, we are liable to decline the return. We will review all of the returns individually.